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Delta Nine Confections is a family- owned and operated Cannabis bakery. Our love for cannabis edibles began years ago by messing around in the kitchen with some infused butter. We made everything we could think of cookies, brownies, fudge, chocolate covered pretzels, just to name a few. We would stay up late cultivating new ideas and soon realized there was a need for edibles in the medical industry that looked good, would make you feel great and most importantly tasted amazing! We started supplying fresh food daily to a few of our local dispensaries in Bend, Oregon. That was over five years ago! In that time we worked exclusively in Bend, perfecting our food and learning about the industry. Delta Nine was founded in April 2015 and we are spread out through most of Oregon.  We strive to be consistent in our products, meet all state regulations, and keep you coming back for more. While we continually strive for innovation at Delta Nine, we’re still making our creations the way Grandma made them using fine ingredients and traditional cooking methods. Let Delta Nine Confections be the edible you can rely on!  

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